Brain Kandy Inc
Its Your World, We Just Just Develop It!
Company Overview

Before describing what we do, allow us to explain what we KNOW. We know that we are living in a society of instant gratification that demands impeccable service combined with a polished product. Now, as a web design and development company, we have a custom tailored conversation that is completely individualized and unique. The purpose of the discussion for both parties involved is to fully understand the direction that your site is heading with your developer. Another part of this discussion is the detailed description of the services and skills of ours required to complete your website. Once there is a “meeting of the minds” and both parties are ready to move forward, we will show you our services and bundle your custom web design and development package.

For example, some clients use their website strictly to move physical goods, making e-Commerce the central focus of their development package. An artist trying to spread the word about his/her art would be much more interested in blogging and followers. Some clients need a bit of guidance to determine which area of marketing themselves on the internet best suits them, and we are more than happy to provide that push in the right direction.

Regardless of your preference, our point is, Brain Kandy Inc. has got you covered. Being online can at times feel like an overbearing experience full of confusion and “empty clicks.” Our expertise is in gaining customers exposure by creating content that speaks to your customer base. New content will soon replace “adwords” as the meaningful statistic in terms of a sites dominance in the marketplace. For the “hands on” clients, which is basically every client in this business, we provide a way for the client to actually alter your website on the go. This is our grand finale, the “Custom Content Management System” that provides our clients with the seemingly magical ability to make text and images changes instantly ON YOUR LIVE SITE.

Speaking of “live”, our turnover time from consultation to constructed site can be as little as 24 hours. We also offer 48 hr and 72hr “rush” priority packages. This is a huge factor for a client with a “time sensitive” site that is centered around a social event, for example, the recent Oscars tweet that shut down Twitter for a little bit. So, what are you waiting for? Lets do this! Call us today, have an in depth conversation regarding your website package. Our prices are incredible and we provide a large assortment of services. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS.