Blinkit is a dating site for sourcing products. The new rival to Alibaba. More intelligent, intuitive and focused.
Company Overview

Blinkit is a new B2B community that connects
product designers, wholesale vendors and merchants in the furniture and home goods markets.

BlinkIt distinguishes itself by using a proprietary algorithm to suggest products and predict buyers based on a user’s personality and psychographic typing. This intuitive filtering enables buyers to
quickly analyze and select items, and vendors to more efficiently find buyers who are most likely to purchase and source their goods, without the need of historical user buy and sell patterns.

BlinkIt connects product designers and wholesale vendors to buyers who would otherwise be too costly and time-consuming to reach, or are lost in the sea of similar products. Blinkit levels the B2B playing field, especially for new businesses competing with established players. In short, BlinkIt makes it easier for buyers and sellers to find each other.

Blinkit is a dating site for products. We’re match-makers
for manufacturers, vendors and retailers.

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