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Company Overview

Bettingrunner is an online marketplace for selling and buying sports betting tips. Or it can also define an online betting community of sports tipsters and punters or any one who is interested in betting tips, maybe just to check the previews. There are betting tips available on Bettingrunner for more than 200K sports events, mainly in football, tennis, basketball, rugby, ice hockey and many other sports. Unlike other betting tip markets, on Bettingrunner, tipsters offer predictions for sports events not only the top leagues or tournaments but also the national leagues or tournaments. Tipsters on bettingrunner pay no sign up fee and can start selling their own sports betting tips on any sports event they prefer and earn money by selling the subscriptions. There are more than 1.3M betting odd comparisons from 30 top bookmakers. Also for the buyers there is no sign up fee, so the punters can join Bettingrunner and navigate to find the suitable tipster for his betting needs.
Over the years, Bettingrunner is growing with a good number of professional tipsters and buyers. Bettingrunner team is making sure to enhance their services to fit their user demands.