BarTrack Inc.
Pour Smarter
Company Overview

BarTrack’s revolutionary commercial applications are designed for bar owners, managers, and bartenders to standardize draft beer quality by maximizing the bar’s efficiency, realizing lost revenue, and improving quality of service through two products:

Smart Faucet: Managed by clicking on a touch screen instead of pulling down a tap handle to dispense the perfect pour. BarTrack’s hardware gives the bar patron the best, most consistent pour every time which encourages resale due to the highest quality pour that can be offered. Smart Faucet’s specialty is eliminating over-pours and foam-filled beers, allowing customers to realize thousands of dollars in profit every year

Inventory Management System: Comprised of sensors that are placed on the beer lines to accurately manage inventory and provide insight to managers and owners, allowing them to understand what beer is selling best in real time, how much beer is being lost, pours vs. sales, and even the conditions in which their product is served.

Bartenders interact with the system by selecting pre-configured quantities of beer from the graphical user interface and adjusting the flow rate as the precise portion of beer is being dispensed. BarTrack’s solution takes a proactive approach to improving a bar’s quality of service by tracking line cleaning schedules and actively monitoring the serving temperature, pressure, and keg freshness for each type and style of beer. If an anomaly is detected within the system, a notification is displayed on the smart-tap, and the system allows you to adjust the flow rate of the beer to attempt mitigate the effects of the anomaly. By ensuring that the beer is poured under optimal conditions and with precise quantities, shrinkage is minimized and keg efficiency is improved.

BarTrack's original goal for 2019 was to be in fifty establishments by the end of the year; however, due to customer demand that goal has now been revised upward to 150 establishments.