Audicus is addressing the rising issue of hearing loss by offering high-tech, affordable hearing aids online. The company cuts intermediary costs and is able to save customers thousands per pair!
Company Overview

Audicus was launched in 2012 by Patrick Freuler. Freuler, with both undergrad and grad degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, was previously at Bain Capital and McKinsey & Co. Freuler saw the opportunity to disrupt the hearing aid industry upon his discovery that the high cost of hearing aids was due largely to intermediary costs-- the 'middleman'-- attributable to audiology clinics and storefronts. Audicus is able to provide customized hearing aids over the internet by programming each set of hearing aids to user-provided hearing tests. By operating online and cutting out hefty operating costs, Audicus is able to provide these customized, high-quality hearing aids for $1,400 per pair rather than the traditional $4,000, $5,000, or even $8,000. One might compare the business model to that of Warby Parker or 1-800 Contacts. Audicus runs out of Manhattan and is constantly growing.

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