Auctio, Inc.
Auctio is a platform that enables enterprise companies (B2B) launch and optimize incentive-based referral and cross selling programs.
Company Overview

Auctio has the technology and team to launch and optimize referral and cross-selling programs for enterprise companies. Our goal is to assist companies tap into an exceptional source of qualified leads to increase revenue and develop new markets.

Our marketing platform introduces the right incentives to the right employees in real time in order for employees to identify business opportunities and submit qualified leads. Our dashboard and analytics tool help Sales & Marketing Managers leverage existing sales and account management activities.

Once leads are submitted and approved, companies follow their regular sales process and employees are compensated for participating in the program and on deals that close. It does not require additional ad dollars so Auctio also improves overall ROI for marketing initiatives.

Auctio is a strategic long term marketing initiative for businesses and a NEW marketing channel for Sales and Marketing teams in enterprise companies.