AsterionDB Inc.
Unified Content Management
Company Overview

AsterionDB is bringing about an encompassing paradigm shift that does away with the traditional file system. This innovation centers around our ability to store, process and serve structured and unstructured data within a relational database. This eliminates silos of information that separate unstructured data from its associated meta-data.

AsterionDB has both technology and products. This allows us to provide both B2B and B2C services as well as on-site technology sales. Our flagship product, The AsterionDB Database Vault, allows users and enterprises to store any type of file within a database. This lies at the heart of our ability to do away with the traditional file system.

We also bring about an unprecedented level of data security. The example is simple: if all of a company's PDFs are stored in a database, leaving no PDFs on the file-system, viruses and ransomware are no longer able to infect files and propagate themselves. We remove the roadmap used by hackers to exfiltrate client data, mission critical documents, and classified information.

AsterionDB has been awarded two key patents that directly relate to enabling the streaming of media from databases and the accessing of data within a database as if it were a file. We are a horizontally aligned, platform company that will generate unique IP based upon our unprecedented and patented innovations.