Safe and Secure Data for All
Company Overview

Anzen 安全 means to be safe and secure

Anzen develops Data Protection and Data Privacy patented technologies

Anzen have developed a new category data protection technology which complements existing data security measures, adding an additional and 'last line' protection of sensitive data

So even when an organisation's perimeter defences have been breached, data stolen and any applied encryption broken, Anzen will still keep sensitive information fully secured

Anzen has also been design to also work for securing communications via mobile devices (mobile phones,tablets etc.) and IOT where we recognize that the biggest barrier to adoption is perception of lack of privacy.

Anzen technology also provides the capability for companies and cloud vendors to locate and store customers’ personal data outside of their customers' home countries. This whilst still complying with territorial data privacy laws such as the European Union's GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation]

All organisations processing EU citizens' personal data have to comply with GDPR by May 2018. Otherwise they risk fines of up to 4% of their annual global turnover or €20m, whichever is the higher

Anzen anonymized data can be passed and be still be useful to friendly third parties e.g. for them to carry out trend analysis, without risk of revealing individual personal identities

Implementation of Anzen should lead to overall lower data processing; in turn reducing IT power required. This would be significant for datacenters as they currently consume 2-3% of the world's total electricity supply. This figure has been projected to triple over the next decade.

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