Company Overview

EcoAcid is a clean patented technology that closes the loop in the recycling of automotive batteries. Before EcoAcid the battery recycling industry was literally pouring money down the drain in neutralization costs. The lead and plastic in batteries is mostly recycled. However, before EcoAcid dealing with the spent Sulphuric acid represented a high operational cost to the recycler. The spent Sulfuric acid was neutralized and dumped as effluent with dissolved lead being lost to the environment. Neutralization is an expensive process with a high carbon foot print. The EcoAcid process has changed all that, the process turns the spent acid into a saleable product to the processor and recovers the dissolved lead to the recycler. Within the Brazilian market Antares recycles nearly a million gallons monthly of spent battery acid bringing substantial savings to the battery recycling industry and generating a saleable chemical product for other industries. We are now expanding our reach to provide the technology to the North American market.