Anduin Transactions
Making private market transactions simpler, faster, and more repeatable, from first handshake to final close.
Company Overview

Anduin Transactions is an early-stage Fintech startup focused on fixing all of the frustrating, costly issues that investors, lawyers, and executives face in closing financial deals, from missed milestones to hard-to-track paperwork. We integrate every major aspect of the transaction onto a platform, providing transparency where it counts, and intuitively guiding all parties through the deal, from first handshake to final close. Every user's experience is customized according to their role and stake in the deal. We built our workflow engine with interchangeable building blocks that can be reconfigured for any type of multi-party, private market transaction, from VC to PE, to M&A and beyond. Starting with primary venture financing, we aim to build a product that drives transparency and trust across the finance industry by making transactions faster, simpler and more repeatable.