More Security. Less Burden.
Company Overview

Allthenticate is a cybersecurity company offering a single solution for both physical access control and digital authentication, replacing legacy systems such as keys, passwords, smartcards (and credit cards), and other hardware tokens with a single, secure smartphone app.  Our patented technology (Single Device Authentication) is based on over 10 years of research and is highly configurable to keep the usability vs. security balance in check.  For example, doors can be configured to unlock automatically or require a biometric, based on time of day or person.  Similarly, computers and websites can be configured to "login" automatically if the phone is nearby, but require a PIN to perform a sensitive operation (e.g., send money).  Finally, our customers can manage all of their resources in our simple-to-use, cloud-based admin portal, unifying the employees and users identities and making Allthenticate the one-stop shop for all of a company's authentication needs.