Alertgy Inc
Transforming Diabetic Health Through Innovation
Company Overview

Alertgy has developed the first wearable truly non invasive continuous blood glucose monitor and alert system. This system development was driven by the fact that the founder saved his wife from slipping into a diabetic coma one Sunday morning and his resolve to develop a system that would alert him and help her manage her diabetes better. The need for this technology is huge, the latest published World Health Organization (WHO) and Center for Disease Control (CDC) reports, there are over 420 million diabetics world-wide today and that number is growing. Diabetics presently don’t have a noninvasive wearable way of continuously measuring their blood glucose levels and trends. The number of borderline diabetics is also increasing. In the US alone one third of the population is a borderline diabetic: a noninvasive wearable means to effect their behavior to prevent them from becoming diabetic through biofeedback is sorely needed. Alertgy provides an inexpensive means to fill these major unmet needs in a mature market. The Alertgy Non-Invasive Continuous Glucose Monitor (NICGM) is the solution. It is a system consisting of a wristband containing a biosensor device that is enabled by a smart phone application that provides diabetics with on demand real time levels and trend, their doctors with complete blood sugar logs, and automated alerts for highs and lows to the user. If the user is not capable of taking action our system also can alert their loved ones, caregivers, or doctors.