Managing your back office shouldn’t be a struggle. Recruit. Track. Bill. In one collaborative platform.
Company Overview

All businesses have to respond to every day changes in market needs. This is why agencies and consulting companies should automate as many tasks as possible so that they can focus on the ones that are most crucial to their business. Now, more than ever, due to the gig economy trend, agencies are cooperating more and more with freelancers who are working on multiple jobs with multiple clients and companies. Because of this, we are introducing Ageniq. We developed this product based on a need that we have experienced since we ourselves are an IT consulting company. Ageniq is an all in one solution that automates all of a company’s standard processes such as HR, Sales, Project management and Financial management. Ageniq is built on the Salesforce platform and designed for Salesforce customers. They can easily install it within a few simple clicks.