Aersys, Inc.
Automated micro-fulfillment centers for drone and rover delivery.
Company Overview

Aersys Inc. is a seed-stage tech startup that is building robotic parcel management solutions and NanoFulfillment Centers to enable commercial-scale drone and rover delivery. Learn more at

Today, drone and rover delivery are on the cusp of becoming mainstream. In 2019, UPS Flight Forward became the first company to receive permission to fly delivery drones commercially in the United States, and the first deliveries have already been made. Meanwhile, several companies have launched sidewalk rovers, completing over 100k successful rover deliveries to date. These vehicles reduce costs and delivery times for food, parcels, medical items and just about anything that is small and light enough to be delivered.

As these cutting-edge methods of delivery are rolled out, there's a huge logistical problem that must be addressed. While drones are fast and inexpensive, they are also dangerous and noisy. And while rovers are safe and quiet, they are not all that fast. A delivery network that captures the best of both worlds is one that utilizes both drones and rovers when making a delivery, as well as traditional delivery methods like sprinter vans and bicycle couriers.

At Aersys, we are making that possible using the AerNode - a modular NanoFulfillment Center that can be configured to be as small as a car parking space or as large as a building. AerNodes have docking ports for a variety of automated vehicles, which means they can transfer and store packages from drones, rovers, and vehicles operated by almost any delivery company. AerNodes receive, process, and fulfill deliveries just like traditional fulfillment centers, but are fully-automated, are a fraction of the size, and form a modern distributed network.

For retailers like Walmart and Home Depot, the AerNode is a roadside pickup kiosk for online orders. For universities like Rutgers and UC Berkeley, the AerNode is a parcel delivery terminal where students pick up and drop off their packages. For a manufacturer, the AerNode is a flexible AS/RS for efficiently storing work-in-process inventory. The biggest selling point: when delivery drones and rovers become available in an area, our customers are the first to integrate and the first to benefit.

We won't stop there. Our mission is to install AerNodes in suburban and urban areas - on sidewalks, near shopping centers, outside residential buildings, on terraces - and partner with leading delivery companies and delivery startups to create the future of delivery and package management.

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