Advise Technologies
Advise provides a robust technology platform and practical expertise to asset managers and hedge funds to allow them to comply with regulatory reporting requirements.
Company Overview

Advise Technologies is an award winning provider of software and services to investment managers, including hedge funds and private equity, and their service providers. Solutions for regulatory and investor reporting help these firms with increased global transparency requirements. Operational solutions assist with firm efficiency and compliance.

Founded and led by fund professionals, Advise is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to regulatory and operational challenges faced by managers in a more regulated environment. The Advise team is comprised of people that are passionate about our products and mission. We live at the intersection of finance, services and software and our human capital reflects those competencies.

The firm was founded in 2010 in response to the changing global regulatory environment and new laws such as Dodd-Frank in the U.S., and AIFMD in Europe. In addition to core technology staff, the firm employs fund accounting, operations, and compliance personnel and maintains expertise in global regulatory issues affecting investment managers.

Our developer mission is simple: build the best platform of regulatory and compliance tools a top-tier global investment manager can buy. The business is highly detailed, the deadlines are not invented by project managers, and our large and exclusive client list includes some of the most demanding users on the planet. So we can’t respond with the traditional slow, sprawling enterprise approach—we must move nimbly, one eye on the deliverable, the other trained on long-term efficiency and elegance. This means a tougher challenge than most line-of-business application developers will ever face. We’re a small, heterogeneous, and dedicated team committed to making great software.