How To Make The Most Of TechDay

If you are attending TechDay for the first time, prepare yourself for a day full of meeting some of the most widely recognized startups, accelerators, influencers, and partners. It will be fun, it will be fruitful, and it will be immersive if you follow the six steps below to help make sure you get the most out of the event!

Step 1: Do Your Research

With 100's of startups in attendance, you will want to be strategic with your time. You can find a list of all of our attendees on our website, so channel your inner sleuth to research the organizations you want to connect with before the end of the day. Startups are traveling far and wide to exhibit at this event and share their products and services, so plan ahead and make sure you do not miss out! The bell tolls at 5 pm, so get contact information and try to make a meaningful connection with your targeted list before then.

Step 2: Are You Looking For a Job?

TechDay is also a great opportunity if you’re looking for a career change, or seeking new opportunities with some of the fastest growing and well-known startups. These companies are growing and looking to hire, so prepare a thoughtfully tailored resume that highlights your skills and potential and bring physical copies with you. You get what you put into this kind of interaction, so go the extra mile to make an impression at the event and have a battle plan to follow-up afterwards.

Step 3: Don't Forget The Basics

Everyone exhibiting and presenting at TechDay is going to be excited to speak with you so make sure you return the same kind of energy by having an open mind to learn and connect. A casual conversation with one of the startups in attendance could lead to new opportunities or innovations that may peak your interest to dive deeper.

Step 4: Bring The Right Footwear

While you may want your footwear to be on fleek with some of your favorite heels or a pair of shoes you have yet to break-in--fight the urge to wear them and instead opt for ones a bit more comfortable. There is plenty of walking involved in this event as you meet new people and attend the various demos happening throughout the venue. Arch support and the power of comfortable insoles can only help as you make the rounds.

Step 5: Bring Your Squad

Attending an event alone can be twice or thrice as nice if you attend it with others. If you have friends, colleagues, family members, or guild members, bring them all to TechDay to share in the festivities. There is plenty of innovation and entrepreneurship to go around. Engaging with our exhibitors and sharing perspectives with your group can enhance the experience and lead you to new startups you may not have considered before.

Step 6: Follow-Up

If you say you are going to call, email, or connect on a social platform with someone you met at TechDay--do it. This is often forgotten, and the usual result is a mountain of business cards, marketing collateral, and other swag sans that meaningful connection you aimed to foster in the first place. Though a branded water bottle is nice, connecting with someone you met at TechDay afterwards might lead to even greater experiences or conversations later. An easy tip on following up is to write down a short note about the person you met on the business card they provide so you have something substantive to share when you connect with them.