Transportation Tech That Gets the Job Done
Drew Allen

The entire world of commercial business is inundated with technology, most of which delivers worthwhile results. But managers and owners need to consider the pros and cons as they evaluate the costs and benefits of any new form of tech for their companies. In the transportation industry, there are dozens of new processes, systems, programs, and IT-related advancements that can make a huge difference in the bottom line. A prime example is how smart dash cams have transformed the entire field of fleet management for the better.

Other ways that technology and science have made their way into relevant parts of the industrial and retail sectors include the use of AI-enabled software for controlling vast inventory assets, programs that precisely track the physical location of virtually any asset, customizable routing systems for delivery companies, and sophisticated traffic analysis for any business that uses vehicles to achieve its daily work. The following details highlight the role of modern technology in the supply chain.

Dash Cams for Transport Fleets

Fleet managers employ several sophisticated devices and AI-supported programs to get their jobs done, but one of the most useful pieces of equipment in their arsenal is the modern dashcam. If your fleet doesn't have one in every vehicle, now is the time to take advantage of the many ways that the small, powerful cameras enhance fleetwide safety, boost ROI, and make it possible for supervisors to coach drivers in real-time under any conditions. It's essential for fleet managers to find out all the specifics about how dash cams work, how to choose the best ones, and what price points are the most economical.

AI for Inventory Control

There are several excellent inventory management programs that utilize artificial intelligence. The latest products are amazingly versatile because they can perform complex tasks in a matter of seconds, including the calculation of exact reorder points, the cost of goods sold, and more. The entire field of inventory control and management has been completely transformed in the past few years with the advent of advanced technology like AI that can calculate important parameters and retrieve relevant data at incredible speeds.

Asset-Tracking Software

GPS-enabled tags and embedded chips are part of the modern scenery in companies that have a need to keep track of valuable assets 24/7. Tagging has become a standard part of industries like shipping, manufacturing, construction, and other fields in which it makes economic sense to know where equipment, tools, products, appliances, and computers are at any given point in time. Once considered a high-tech rarity, the current asset tag has become a common sight in thousands of corporations around the world.

Custom Routing Software for Delivery Services

Small and medium-sized organizations can benefit from the newest routing software products. Some sellers specialize in developing customized route programs for small delivery companies, while others focus on larger corporations in the transportation industry. Efficient routing is at the heart of any profitable delivery service, and custom software products deliver versatility and long-lasting value for businesses that need low-cost solutions. Customization usually includes the ability to be tweaked as the customer desires.