How To Create The Right Promotional Material For Your Business
Allen Brown

It is important to make sure that promotional material for your business is creating the right impression. One of the most common mistakes people make when creating is creating something too generic. This can happen because it's difficult to know what will resonate with your target audience. So, how do you create the right promotional material? Here are some tips.

Offer Amenities

Amenities are something clients and customers will remember as a nice gesture, so why not take advantage of it and put some promotional material on it. Putting your company's logo on a water bottle and spreading it through your clientele will only increase the chances of creating a good impression. When people have your logo or company name in front of them, they are more likely to remember it and possibly refer you to their friends as well. Additionally, offering amenities can help if you provide meals during meetings since your customers will not have to leave for lunch breaks.

These amenities can be anything from coffee, water bottles, pens, and notepads. The more you give away the better because it will only increase your chances of creating a good impression on customers or clients which could lead to referrals in the future.

Mind The Colors

It's essential to get the color palette of your promotional material right. They need to match the ones of your business and brand, creating a cohesive message that will resonate with customers and send out a clear message about what you offer.

If you work in an environment where everything is bright and colorful, then it makes sense for your promotional materials to follow this pattern too. Otherwise, they'll look mismatched next to the other items on display around the office or shop floor.

Here's how to combine the right colors when making the ad material:

  • Use colors that contrast with each other, creating a visual hierarchy.

  • If you're creating brochures or leaflets for your business, then opt for either dark text on light backgrounds.

  • Use colors that work well together. Colors such as orange and blue, for example.

  • Keep your company's brand guidelines in mind.

  • Look at the color wheel. This is a great resource for creating complementary colors.

  • Use a color that represents you or your business.

  • Be consistent.

Be Concise

Don't write too much text in promotional material. Customers want to know the value of your business in a short amount of time so they can quickly make up their minds about whether or not it is worth purchasing from you. The more concise you are with creating content, the better off your home page will be.

You should also keep in mind that some customers may see what appears to be two different versions of one promotional piece after clicking on it and reading through an email campaign that was sent out by your company. You don't want this experience for them because if they had wanted multiple pages of information then they would go looking elsewhere for something else.

Use The Right Language

You need to
know your target audience so that you could use the right language to appeal to them. For example, if you are targeting seniors and creating a brochure for your catering service then using words such as "fresh" and "tasty" would be more effective than the word "yummy".

Another tip is not to use too many buzzwords or technical terms because this could confuse people who aren’t familiar with those specific words. Your audience wants to read the information that they can understand easily so it should be presented in simple terms without any jargon.

Include Website Info

People who see promotional material should be able to find and contact you easily online. Include a link to your website so they can find out more about you or contact you directly from the promotional material itself. Make sure that it is an easy-to-understand and accessible URL, too. For example, don't use something like "promo123" as this will be hard for people to remember!

Some businesses include their home page address in promotional material because this means all of their products and services are available on one site.

Be Creative, But Simple

Don't go over your head creating promotional material for your business. Make sure that you keep it simple and to the point, but also think of something that is creative at the same time. The last thing any of us want is spending countless hours creating graphic designs or marketing materials only to find out later nobody will use them because they were too complicated or confusing.

If you need help creating some type of marketing material, whether it's a logo design, an advertisement for social media outlets like Facebook ads, etc., try contacting graphic designers for the job.

Promotional material must be eye-catching and creatively incorporated into amenities. Be careful when combining colors so that it doesn't look bad. When it comes to text, keep it concise and make sure the language speaks to your target audience. Include website and contact information on the materials and never forget to be creative, but also simple. It's the best way towards a customer’s interest!