5 Tips for Interacting Face-to-Face With Your Visitors At A Trade Show
Mireia Vilanova

Interacting eye to eye is ideal for drawing in and impressing guests at an expo. Such communication between your staff and potential clients sets out a one-of-a-kind opportunity for you to showcase your products and services. In summary, this is why trade expos are an effective marketing strategy and the reason they will remain the pinnacle of networking opportunities.

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Prepare and research in advance

You must research and know the audience to effectively interact face-to-face at a trade expo. Know the culture of the trade show and the attendance volume, also, you can research by looking at what previous reports say about the show.

Knowing the audience helps you to prepare your talking points: segment the audience and devise a practical approach for each client.

For instance, you can have different talking points for tire kickers, window shoppers, and businesspeople. You will also know what audience you will spend more time on because they are serious buyers.

Once you have identified your audience and prepared your talking points, it’s time to design promotional materials, and brainstorm your trade fair display. You can also set up a stand and a poster. Other promotional materials to carry to the trade show include:

  • Banner displays
  • Table talkers
  • Brochures
  • Notepads
  • Forms
  • Postcards
  • Business cards
  • Loyalty cards.
  • Make a great first impression

    If you deliver a strong first impression during a trade show, you can have valuable face-to-face conversations with your visitors and make sales. But how do you make a great first impression?

    One of the key steps to making a great impression is dressing professionally. Your trade show’s overall look should not only be approachable, but should maintain a level of professionalism, also, you need to appear like someone your potential customers can trust.

    After getting your outfit right, greet your visitors warmly and remember to smile and make eye contact. A face-to-face conversation can feel awkward, especially if you haven’t established a bond with the other party. However, making eye contact and smiling makes people appear more attractive.

    Include a blend of personalities in your reps

    Most exhibitions include staff with cheerleader personalities because they tend to be loud, outgoing, and brash. Although this is understandable, it is essential to remember that alpha solid characters, especially introverts, can turn off or intimidate some people.

    On the other hand, including a mix of personalities in your trade show booth is an excellent idea. Incorporating plain-spoken and quiet reps can help you reach a wider audience, soft-spoken people can identify their own and know how to approach them. Moreover, they can have quiet but deep conversations without making each other feel out of place.

    Bringing a mix of personalities to a trade show also brings a lot of ideas and approaches to starting and maintaining face-to-face conversations.

    In addition to having different personalities, coaching your reps, and providing them with product literature is vital. This will help you to connect and convince your potential customers. Besides, they will showcase your products and services in the best light.

    Engage visitors in conversations

    One of the best ways of maintaining face-to-face conversations at trade shows is to ask open-ended questions and let your visitors talk. Listen actively and attentively, and be ready to tackle any questions. If your reps get over-enthusiastic, they can dominate the entire conversation and make the visitors uncomfortable.

    Responding to questions and concerns also helps maintain face-to-face conversations and incorporate facts and figures because impressive stats are like spices in a sales pitch.

    Incorporate product demonstrations

    Trade shows aim to showcase your products and services. Nevertheless, seeing the products alone isn’t as effective as providing demonstrations, explaining a product’s features is better than having visitors read them in a brochure or other sales materials.

    You can also provide samples and use visual aids to maintain face-to-face conversations.


    When visitors approach your trade show stand, they are interested in what you are offering. However, they will most likely move to the next booth if there’s no one to engage them.