5 intranet examples that will inspire your organization
Jonathan Davies

If you’re like most managers, you probably think of the intranet as simply a place where you go to find the HR policy manual or the latest company memo.

But did you know that intranets can be so much more?

We’ll show you five intranet examples from sites doing employee communication right. These companies transformed their intranets into powerful tools for engaging and connecting with employees.

By the end of this blog, you’ll see why an effective intranet is essential for any company wanting to drive engagement and promote a positive company culture

What is an intranet, and why do you need one?

An intranet is a private, secure network that’s only accessible to company employees.

It allows organizations to share information and resources internally. Most intranets have a central location where employees can find everything they need, whether it’s the company directory, the latest news, or forms and templates.

There are many benefits of using an intranet, including:

  • Increased productivity: Employees can quickly find the information they need without searching multiple channels or contacting other departments.
  • Improved communication: Intranets make it easy to share news and announcements with all employees, no matter their location.
  • Organizational efficiency: Intranets can help streamline processes and reduce paper waste.
  • Now that you know what an intranet is and why your company needs one, let’s look at some company intranet examples. We’ve gathered some of the best to show you what’s possible.

    Intranet examples: How these top companies use Happeo

    When it comes to the intranet, it’s hard to top Happeo, an all-in-one intranet solution that makes it easy to create, share, and find information.

    Here are a few examples of how our customers use Happeo to engage and connect with employees:

    Trimble’s intranet digitally unites its 11,000 member global workforce


    Trimble, an industrial technology company, was looking for an intranet to unite its international workforce of over 11,000 employees.

    With more than 150 locations worldwide in 40 different countries, Trimble needed an intranet platform that would provide:

  • Seamless integration with Google Workspace
  • Universal search functionality
  • Channels to promote engagement and team culture
  • Analytics to see what was and wasn’t working
  • Custom branding to promote a consistent digital experience
  • Happeo helped Trimble create a global intranet that is easy to use and navigate. The company was able to transition from a static one-way email broadcast to a two-way communication flow.

    They can also tailor communications based on the content and the audience.

    Trimble has three main channels on its homepage:

  • #HiCharlie spotlights community voices.
  • Voices highlights what’s happening in the conference room.
  • Leadership showcases voices from the executive team.
  • By using Happeo, Trimble has been able to create a global intranet that connects its employees around the world.

    “We went from a static, one-way email broadcast to a very dynamic way of communicating via Channels. And within those Channels, we can choose to make a permanent announcement and pin it at the top, or an article, for longer content, or a quick post — we can tailor our communications based on the content and the audience.”
    Gerald Sexton
    Vice President of People Operations

    Hunt Club’s intranet helps make virtual onboarding a breeze


    Hunt Club, a tech-enabled recruitment agency, was looking for an intranet to help with its virtual onboarding process.

    When the company decided to add more than 50 employees within a year, Happeo helped bridge the gap by offering a way to organize and centralize information, so new and existing employees knew where to find it. The company chose Happeo because of its ease of use and ability to provide a consistent experience for all employees.

    With Happeo, Hunt Club has a place to store and organize . The company also uses Pages and Channels to manage it.

    Happeo’s intranet has also helped Hunt Club improve employee communication by providing a dedicated space to collaborate

    ActivTrak’s intranet provides centralized information for teams


    ActivTrak, a workplace productivity and analytics software company, needed an intranet to enable them to become a fully remote company.

    The company’s list of must-haves included a:

  • Platform to facilitate communication and employee engagement.
  • Space for every team to collaborate and build resources.
  • Universal search engine that makes it easy to find information.
  • Well-organized knowledge base.
  • Happeo’s intranet has been a game-changer for ActivTrak. The intranet provides a central hub of information for the company’s distributed workforce.

    Pages are an excellent way for teams to update each other on their work. And all departments have their own page with relevant documents, files, and information.

    EPT’s intranet connects frontline physicians with their back office


    Emergency Physicians of Tidewater (EPT), an independent group of emergency medicine physicians and advanced practice providers, was looking for an intranet to connect its frontline physicians with its back office.

    Happeo’s intranet platform helps EPT streamline communications for busy physicians who are often on the go. The company can share best practices, news, and announcements with its providers.

    With Happeo, EPT has a single platform that physicians can use to access the information they need.

    EPT logo
    “I watch the analytics and every month our numbers go up in usage. It's the number one place you go to everyday. It's where you go for your news, where you go for your information, where you go for updates. The integration with Google Workspace and the ability to access documents quickly has been extremely helpful. The channels are perfect to keep everything organized and to strengthen our culture. And the ability to socialize, in addition to getting out information — that's important.”
    Tina Jacobs
    EPT's IT Manager

    Kairoi’s intranet drives success across locations and times zones


    Kairoi Residential, a multifamily investment, development, and property management company, was looking for an employee-centric platform to reflect its culture.

    Kairo understands the value of connection in achieving success. As a company with employees in multiple locations and time zones, they were looking for an intranet to help them stay connected and engaged.

    With Happeo, employees can talk about their achievements, share company successes, and give recognition. This helps the company attract and retain top talent.

    The tool also allows leadership to support, encourage, and train employees in a fun and interactive way. For example, the asset management team has a channel where they host weekly training to help employees learn and grow.

    These company intranets are examples of what’s possible when you rethink your employee communication strategy!

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    How to get started with your own intranet

    Now that you’ve seen some intranet examples, it’s time to start planning your company intranet.

      1. Choose the right platform. There are many intranet vendors on the market, so it’s essential to research, demo and find the one that best fits your needs.
      2. Once you’ve selected your intranet platform, you’ll need to populate it with content. This can include company news, policies and procedures, forms and templates, and anything else your employees might need.
      3. Once your intranet is up and running, you’ll need to promote it to employees and encourage them to use it regularly. Make the intranet part of your company culture. You can also drive intranet usage by offering employees incentives, such as prizes for the most active intranet user or gift cards for employees who complete intranet training. Encouraging employees to use your intranet will take effort, but it’s worth it.

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