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We're excited to announce our brand-new series of TechDay Ask-Me-Anything sessions!
These AMA's will offer a select number of startup founders & c-suite executives the chance to meet with subject matter experts and mentors to explore specific topics of interest.
If you are interested in sharing your expertise with the TechDay community, please fill out this form.
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AMA’s will focus on the following topics:
  • Marketing Strategies and Best Practices for Startups - May 25th at 12pm ET
  • Sales Strategies and Best Practices for Startups - Jun 22nd at 12pm ET
  • New Tech and Emerging Trends for Startups - Jul 20th at 12pm ET
  • Fundraising Now and in the Future for Startups - Aug 24th at 12pm ET
  • Business Management Services for Startups - Sept 21st at 12pm ET
  • Talent Recruitment and Retention for Startups - Oct 19th at 12pm ET
*Other topics may be suggested*

Apply to Present

Speakers from all over the world are welcome to apply, however, we are especially interested in speakers who can speak to the startup communities in New York, London and Los Angeles, where we typically host in-person TechDay events.

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In order to ensure our attendees have ample time to get their questions answered by our experts, attendance at each Ask-Me-Anything session will be limited to 20 people. Seats will be filled on a rolling basis so the sooner you apply, the better!

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If you are interested in sponsoring an AMA, please contact now and we’ll happily set something up for you.
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