About Us

As all startup founders know, there’s so much more to building a successful company than just hard work and a good idea.

Though that’s a great start, turning an idea into a reality requires investment, a talented team, and of course, users, users, users. So when TechDay founder, a renowned Techstars alum, started his first company, Digital Ocean, he faced the same dilemma essentially all entrepreneurs do: finding the most efficient and effective way to scale.

After ultimately turning his first endeavor into a success, our founder aimed to solve this common problem by creating TechDay.

Now a fixture within the tech and startup communities in NYC, LA and London, TechDay is geared towards connecting tech startups to all the resources they need to grow. Exhibitors feature a wide range of companies across a variety of markets and industries including those that use the event as a launchpad, to tech giants like Uber, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Quora. The event attracts a highly curated audience made up of executives from fortune 500 companies, MDs from leading accelerators, seasoned investors, renowned members of the press, early adopters, corporate end-users and top talent.

The TechDay team is small, but mighty, and passionate about helping startups grow. TechDay events are the largest their kind in each entrepreneurial community they serve and only continue to get bigger and better.

Our Team
Walter Charnizon
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Ana Torres
Marketing & Operations Manager
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Amy Stratt
Director of Strategic Partnerships
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Lucia Palomo
Business Development Associate
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Christian Wing
Business Development Associate
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