At TechDay we're passionate about helping the members of the startup ecosystem create new relationships. That's why we're introducing a new tool to help busy founders, investors, members of the press, and world-class talent connect with each-other easier than ever before.
What exactly is connect?
The TechDay community is over 50,000 people strong. We've created a matching algorithm to help our community members meet each other.
Who will have access?
The Great question, we're going to be activating Connect in stages - the first stage is an introduction system founders and investors. Next we'll move on to helping members connect with mentors, talent, and corporates.
Neat, are there any other features of Connect?
Yep! The first and most powerful tool is "Updates" which will enable startups to push out monthly happenings, KPI tracking, and asks to selected community members.
How much does connect cost?
Nothing, $0, nada, or in other words, it's free! However, founder access is limited to previous TechDay participants at this time.